"Noblesse Oblige" jumperskirt bicolor

This print contains restored illustrations of weapons, armor, and heraldic beasts from the 15th to 20th centuries.
Jumperskirt has shirring on the back and the front of the bodice, zipper on the side, and pockets in the seams of the skirt.
Linen fabrics have a natural tendency to pellet with time. It's not a defect, but a natural characteristic of the fabric.
This sample has a defect in the print, therefore it is sold at discount. The print is faint and the black is not deep, but rather a dark grey.

50% linen, 50% cotton

Size 1. Bust - 70-88 cm.
           Waist - 55-75 cm.
           Skirt length - 55 cm.
Size 2. Bust - 80-97 cm.
           Waist - 68-85 cm.
           Skirt length - 55 cm.
Size 3. Bust - 90-105 cm.
           Waist - 83-94 cm.
           Skirt length - 55 cm.
Size 4. Bust - 105-122 cm.
           Waist - 95-115 cm.
           Skirt length - 55 cm.
If you're in between sizes, we advise you to choose a smaller one.
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