THE FEAST preorder 20.06.2020-04.07.2020


We are glad to finally announce the exact release date of our newest print - THE FEAST! The print includes few still life baroque paintings of famous Flemish artists, depicting various kinds of food, fruits, dishes, wine and insects in a decadent manner.  This is the first print from our upcoming "Still Life" collection.

The preorder will last from June 20th to July 4th and will include jumperskirt and skirt version of the print.

We worked on this release for around half a year. Unfortunately, we had to slow down our work mostly because of the pandemic and quarantine. But we are also constantly striving for perfection, and when we received first sample, we weren't satisfied with it's quality. We decided to change the fabric, pleats of the skirt and make some other minor changes in the cut. The fabric we chose in the end is taffeta - it is light, breathable, it drapes nicely and has very opulent looking overflowing gloss. Here you can see the close-ups of the fabric:

The dress is multi-sized and has a shirring with elastic bands in the back of the bodice, zipper on the side and two pockets in the seams of the skirt.

Skirt will be done in the same style as the skirt of the JSK with 5 cm waistband, zipper, pockets and elastic on the back of the waistband.



Taffeta 100% polyester

Jacquard lining 55% polyester, 45% viscose



Size 1.  Bust - 80–95 cm.

           Waist - 55–75 cm.

            Arm hole circumference – up to 49 cm.

            Skirt length - 65 cm.

Size 2. Bust – 90-105 cm.

           Waist – 75-90 cm.

           Arm hole circumference – up to 52 cm.

           Skirt length - 65 cm

Size 3. Bust – 105-120 cm.

           Waist – 90-110 cm.

           Arm hole circumference – up to 55 cm.

           Skirt length - 65 cm

If you are choosing custom size, we will contact you via e-mail and ask all the measurements you need to provide. We would advice custom size for people taller than 175 cm. We don't accept any changes in the silhouette of the garment except the length of the skirt, if needed.


Processing time of the preorder is around 2-3 months dependable on the amount of orders.



JSK in size 1&2 - 250$

JSK in size 3&custom size - 270$

Skirt in size 1&2 - 150$

Skirt in size 3&custom size - 170$

We need to use bigger amounts of fabric for size 3 and custom size, so we have to raise the price a little.


This time we are also accepting payment plans! The payment will be divided in two equal amounts. We will put listing with the first payment on our website during the preorder period. The second payment will be available on the website after the end of preorder. If you are unable to complete second payment within two months after the first payment, until September 4th, we will cancel your order and refund you first payment (except PayPal fees). Please note, that we will start making your order only after all payments are completed, so the processing time will be extended.

10% of the profit from the preorder will be divided in two equal parts and donated to the following organisations:

BTFA collective

Russian LGBT network