Song of the day: Soap&Skin - What a wonderful world

A few words considering our latest shooting. If we had some more time to shoot this pictures, we deffinetely would do it at another time, because all that week the weather was around +32-34°C. And at the day of the shooting it was 35°C in Moscow. Can you imagine +35 in Russia, country of bears, vodka and winter? We can't either. It was an all-time record temperature for Moscow in June. Which makes me constantly think about climate change and how much it affects our daily life. Just ten years ago I would never imagine such a hot weather is possible here.

Anyway, we didn't have any other choice, but to organize photo shoot on that day. The studio was located in Moscow suburban and we had 1.5 hours ride to the opposite end of the city from our apartment. After it was one more hour ride through suburbans to the location itself. The studio is called Dacha studios and it's baically a dacha - a russian country house. It was very clean, super pretty and the owners were very nice. They showed us everything and gave us water after we finished, which was very appreciated.

I made a moodboard on Pinterest and there was a specific atmosphere I wanted to provide with this outdoor shooting. And I am so happy we took our friend Emerald as a model, because she gladly did all the silly things I asked her to do. For example sacrificing her butt to a spiny hay. 

Lisa was feeling quite sick because of the weather, so there's less photos of her than usual. However she very much enjoyed a rare shooting, where she could just eat strawberry and cherry most of the time.

Overall the photos came out even brighter and more positive than I expected. And I am quite happy about it! Despite the heat it's my favorite photo shoot so far, as we were having lots of fun during the shooting. I hope you can notice that on the photos!