Pierrot blouse



«Pierrot» blouses preorder will start on August 22nd and will continue for two weeks till September 5th.


Processing time of the preorder is around 2-3 months dependable on the amount of orders.



Chest – up to 112 cm

Waist – up to 122 cm

Hips – up to 130 cm

Neckline circumference – up to 50 cm

Arm hole circumference – up to 48 cm

Wrist – up to 30 cm


The preorder will include various fabrics and colors:


100% polyester

Price: 140$

Crinkled organza

100% polyester

Price: 140$

Iridescent organza 

100% polyester

Price: 140$

Silk organza

100% silk

Price: 240$


Colors may slightly differ from the photos due to screen settings.