Mathilde velvet dress


Our first preorder on "Mathilde" dress made from organic cotton velvet will last from December 20th to January 3rd. We are a bit nervous about it because usually printed items draw much more attention and this release is more minimalistic. However we really like the cut of the dress and how velvet looks in it, and we hope you'll love it as much as we do!

This is a loose fit dress with stand collar, buttons on the front and waistband. Made of high quality cotton velvet. Decorated with black cotton lace on the end of the sleeve and collar. All our buttons have metal base, which lasts longer than plastic ones. Can also be worn without waistband and petticoat as a casual dress.

We listened to your wishes about the colors and decided to add two more - dark blue and dark green to black and berry red, that are already going to be available. We wanted to add green ourselves, but we constantly had problems with either color or width of the fabric. But in the end we finally found perfect emerald green velvet in another city! We really hope that you will appreciate it!

Main fabric: 100% cotton
Lace: 100% cotton

Black with black lace
Berry red with black lace
Dark green with black lace
Dark blue with black lace

Size 1.    Bust – up to 96 cm.
             Waist – up to 102 cm.
             Arm hole circumference – up to 46 cm.
             Wrist – 22 cm.
             Neckline circumference – up to 41 cm.
             Skirt length - 68 cm

Size 2.    Bust – up to 112 cm.
              Waist – up to 114 cm.
              Arm hole circumference – up to 49 cm.
              Wrist – 22 cm.
              Neckline circumference 43.5 cm
              Skirt length - 68 cm
Size 3.    Bust – up to 130 cm.
              Waist – up to 132 cm.
              Arm hole circumference – up to 56 cm.
              Wrist – 25 cm.
              Neckline circumference – up to 52 cm.
              Skirt length - 68 cm.

Processing time is around 2-3 months dependable on the amount of orders.

We are accepting payment plans! The payment is divided into two equal amounts. We put listing with the first payment on our website during the preorder period. The second payment will be available after the end of preorder. We are working with atelier to make your item, so we are starting the process of sewing before you complete the second payment. So if you are unable to complete the rest of the payment within two months after the beginning of the plan, until March the 3rd, we are unable to refund your payment, because we already spent the resources materials and sewing process. Thank you for understanding!