"Claudio" pants pre-order 10.11.2021-16.11.2021


Dear fellow nettle admirers, 

In this post you will find all important information about the pre-order of "Claudio" pants. Lets get started!



The pre-order starts on November 10th and lasts till November 26th. It means you have as much as 16 days to place your orders.


How much?

Each pants cost $190 regardless of the size


Will you have payment plans?

Yes! We are going to make a payment on this item.

As always the payment is divided into two equal amounts. We put listing with first payment and full shipping price on our website during the preorder period. The second payment will be available after the end of preorder. We are working with atelier to make your item, so we are starting the process of sewing before you complete the second payment. If for some reason you cannot complete the rest of the payment within two months after the beginning of the plan, we are unable to refund your payment, because we already spent the resources on materials and sewing process. Thank you for understanding!

Please complete the second payment by January 26th 2022!



Attention! Besides our regular sizes, this time we are offering two options for various heights:

Regular - 155-175 cm.

Tall - 175-200 cm.


Please note, that these sizes are quite different from our usual dress sizing, so please be very careful when choosing yours.

Size 1. Waist - 65-95 cm.

           Hips - 80-110 cm.

           Ankle - 38 cm.

Size 2. Waist - 95-115 cm.

           Hips - 110-130 cm.

           Ankle - 40 cm.

Size 3. Waist - 115-135 cm.

           Hips - 120-145 cm.

           Ankle - 43 cm.

Please pay attention to the ankle circumference measurement. If you are in between two sizes, we would strongly advice to choose smaller one. If you are not sure about your size or need any other assistance, we will be happy to help you! Please contact us via social media or our email:



100% nettle



Attention! Due to limited availability of the fabric some colors will be available in very limited quantities. So the faster you buy the item, the more chances you will have to get it in your favorite color.



Olive green

Mustard yellow

Greyish blue


Making time of the pre-order is approximately 1-3 months, dependable on the amount of orders.