Pyshka Kaneko

"Hi, I am Pyshka the cat, and my humans
made a brand “Pyshkin Pyshkin” in my
honor. My name means doughnut in
Russian, which you can see in the brand
logo and my personality is cheerful,
vibrant, and quirky which is reflected in
my brand aesthetic."

Pyshkin Pyshkin was founded in the autumn of 2022 as a sub-brand of Kaneko. It was named in honor of the owners’ cat Pyshka. The brand specializes in pastel garments made of quality materials often with author’s prints. The collection includes a variety of cute and quirky items, from dresses and tops to pants and accessories. All products are designed with modern aesthetics in mind and are ethically produced in Georgia.

Pyshkin Pyshkin’s founders, Elisabeth and Mikhail Kaneko are young designers who are passionate about creating fashion with an empowering message. They believe that fashion should make us feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. With their designs, they hope to offer a safe space for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Pyshkin Pyshkin currently has an online store and a workshop and showroom in Tbilisi, Georgia. The brand’s mission is to make its products accessible to people all over the world.