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Independent clothing and accessories brand based in Moscow, Russia. Founded in 2017 by Mikhail and Elizaveta Kaneko, the brand provides a big range of items including clothing, headwear and accessories in their unique aesthetic and with great attention to every detail.

We take inspiration in everything that catches our interest: nature in all it's shapes, textures and colors; animals and plants; architecture; art; poetry; music; history and historical costume specifically, as well as high fashion and many, many more. We are always looking forward towards learning new techniques, improving the quality of fabrics and production.

All of our items are made in Russia with great care and love, using mostly natural fibers. To avoid waste of materials, some of our items are released via preorder system.

In our shop we welcome everyone, regardless of their cultural, religious, gender and sexual self identification. We also try our best to make our items accessible for people of all sizes.