Nice to meet you! We are Mikhail and Elizaveta Kaneko, owners of a small independent clothing and accessories brand, founded in Russia, in 2017. The two of us do all sorts of work regarding the shop: designing prints and items, customer service and website updates, organizing logistics, packing and shipping orders, bookkeeping and many more! Anastasia is our clothing constructor and the only person working in our brand besides us. She makes patterns and test samples of every clothing item in this shop.

For mass clothing production we collaborate with small Russian manufactories, where all workers are fairly paid. We use carefully selected high quality natural fabrics, most of which are produced locally. Linen, cotton and wool are the most frequently used fabrics in our clothing. We also try to find more sustainable options as well, such as nettle or cupro. To avoid waste of materials, some of our items are released via preorder system, and our stock items are available in very small quantities.

We spend a lot of time, designing each of our item, choosing fabrics and perfecting sizing and cut. Nature, animals and plants, are our biggest sources of inspiration, as well as architecture, art, literature and music. History and historical costume of various cultures are one of our biggest passions. We are always looking forward towards improving our skills and learning new techniques.

In our shop we welcome everyone, regardless of their cultural, religious, gender and sexual self identification. We also try our best to make our items accessible for people of various sizes and body types.